Eco friendly practice through recycling, solvent free manufacturing processes, and being leaders in greener coating processes.

LED manufacturer of linear cove, floodlights, downlights, and inground fixtures for interior and exterior applications.

Specialist in LED lighting solutions for high end architectural markets.

At Light Engine, we like to think we’re nothing like the light industry norm.  By harnessing the full, artistic potential of LED’s, we bend light in ways not possible from traditional lighting methods. 

Specification grade LED luminaires for retrofits, renovations and new construction lighting projects.

High performance architectural product offering, quick shipping, application specific, and customized LED solutions.

LED's for downlighting, coves, display, accent, and task lighting.

Offers standard, exact made-to-measure fixtures, and custom solutions of the highest quality. 

NY based manufacturer of LED and Fiber Optic Lighting and Controls.


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